Fractured : America` Broken Health Care System and What We Must Do to Heal It

Ted Epperly MD

In America, we spend over 2.6 trillion dollars on health care each year, yet we rank 37th in the world for health care outcomes. Even more shocking, 50 million Americans dont have any sort of health insurance and another 80 million are underinsured. These harrowing statistics reflect that, as a nation, we focus more on disease and sickness than on wellness and health, creating a society where many are living sick and dying young. The reality is clear: we suffer from a dysfunctional, have versus have-not health care system where medical miracles are performed for some, while access to care is denied to others. In Fractured, Dr. Epperly draws on his decades of experience as a family physician to identify the systems gaps and disparities and propose a compelling strategy to mend them, with the goal of creating an integrated, accessible, patient-centered approach to health and medicine. The following questions will be tackled: Whats wrong with the way we currently view, deliver, and pay for health care in America? What is our history of health care reform? How does our system compare to other nations? What can we do to fix health care now?