The CEO` Talent Manifesto : Align Talent Investments to Achieve Targeted Results

Chip Cleary,Tom Hilgart

Few companies manage their investments in talent with the same rigor as they manage their other investments. For many Chief Learning Officers, the question is not should we do better? but rather specifically how can we do better? Until now, there has been no comprehensive source that explains how companies can rigorously manage their talent investments. Cleary & Hilgart close that gap, showing how to put to use a set of best practices that have been recognized by Bersin & Associates and the Learning & Development Roundtable of the Corporate Executive Board. Cleary & Hilgart provide clear processes and tools for: Identifying which business gaps call for learning investments, Defining business-relevant definitions of success, Prioritizing investments to maximize impact Ensuring that investments produce results, and Closing the loop to make outcomes visible. They also lay out a set of platform capabilities that a company must put in place to support the rigorous management of talent investments (e.g., implementing a key role responsible for doing it). Cleary & Hilgart offer downloadable tools and guidance on